The Eucharistic Lay Ministry


“The Body of Christ, given for you.”

 “The Blood of Christ, shed for you.”


In The Holy Communion, our union with Jesus and our brothers and sisters in faith reaches it's summit. Here, Jesus gives to us bread and wine, his crucified and risen Presence; his body and blood.

Eucharistic Ministers are members of St. Peter's who have been through a process of training, supervision and accountability to the Pastoral Oversight of the Church. They go out into the world to share Christ's Real Presence in Holy Communion with our sick, homebound and inprisoned members.

For more information about this ministry, please contact the church office at 215-822-9108 or If you do not belong to a church but, either want to receive Holy Communion at home or wish to speak with our Pastor about this special meal, please call, email, or visit us. We want nothing more than the grace of God to flood your life with blessings.

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